NCDC Denies Spending N1 Billion On SMS, Says It’s Fake News

The Truth About NCDC Spending 1 Billion Naira On SMS To Nigerians

Apparently phony news sellers will persevere relentlessly to undermine the battle against the coronavirus from the phony 5G fear inspired notion spread by taught unskilled people to outlandish statement that Africans can't the executed by the infection because of melanin and the hot temperature on the African landmass.

Why the facts demonstrate that government officials across board are sharing billions to fanciful residents and phantoms the point of these phony news vendors is to occupy the indignation of Nigerians to the Nigerian place for malady control which has till this minute made a phenomenal showing in a joint effort with wellbeing laborers across Nigeria to protect the Country.

The News that NCDC has burned through one Billion in sending instant messages to Nigerians is FAKE! The middle by means of its checked twitter handle has expressed as follows;

"The feature asserting that NCDC has burned through N1 billion on SMS to Nigerians is FALSE

While correspondence through SMS is a key piece of our #COVID19 reaction technique, this has been to a great extent gave as in-kind help by @AirtelNigeria @MTNNG @GloWorld


During this pandemic we should do all to help NCDC and social insurance laborers who are taking a chance with their lives and the prosperity of the families to free the country of Covid 19.

Abstain from spreading phony and unsubstantiated news on the pandemic, remain safe, continue washing your hands , keep up a sheltered social separation and cleanliness. At last we will survive!

May God Help Us to Help Ourselves.

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