The executive secretary of Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH) Mr. Azubila Salam Emmanuel said,  they are disappointed in the Inspector General of  police IGP James Oppong Boanuh  and CID boss for not prosecuting the security personnel who were deployed to the Akuapem chieftaincy illegal program which was against the laws of the Republic of Ghana. Our military and police personnel who supervised this regrettable illegality are not different from if some security personnel supervised and protect arm robbers in a robbery exercise. According to Azubila the executive secretary of ADAM-GH, innocent poor church workers were jailed four (4) years each together with the pastors who were the heads of the church. In the case of the pastors who were jailed, the innocent poor church workers who were seen in the church were all prosecuted together with their bosses but this wasn't the case of the soldiers and other security personnel who provided security for this lawlessness. Is this what we call equal justice and are we living in an animal farm as George Orwell puts it?. He queried. This is beyond any reasonable doubt that  state security who supervised and protected this miscreant  Chiefs to disobey the laws of the country were left out of the hook and went ahead to play  drama in court in the name of prosecution.
In fact, covid-19 is said to be the only occurrence, pandemic, epidemic or endemic, whatever you may want to call it, that has been able to pop its ugly face in everybody’s affairs including banning Christians Easter celebrations and Muslims yearly pilgrimage, the journey to Mecca the Holy City. In February/March thereabout, Ghana was visited by corona virus  which meant that our cultural, social and ethnic orientations had to be fine-tuned to lyrics of corona virus where it has destabilize our country’s economy. It was as a result that, the President, Nana Addo Dankwa issued an order through Executive Instrument passed as Law by Parliament to close all entry points of Ghana, banned all public and social gathering as recommended by world health organization (WHO ) protocol. It is very unfortunate if the security service in Ghana  that supposed to enforce the laws of the Republic  turned to supervise illegality and after that merely run to court through a well calculated agenda and a reason best known to them is a very worrying situation. It's undeniable fact that, government and the police service and the military are encouraging lawlessness in the country and the president home region happens to be leading this act of lawlessness NIA disregard to the president directive is still fresh in our minds.
The covid 19 pandemic has trespassed the entire continents and has been able to restructure and modify every human activity, including but not limited to cultural, social, economic, health, history, governance and science. Looking at the nature of the program and the number of people who were present, it's a clear indication  that this action was a deliberate disregard to the laws of the country as the convicts  admitted in the law court. This therefore require stiffer punishment than the drama that happened in the court. Watch out who arrested these pastors and the lovers, it was the Ghana Police. Agreeably, they didn’t need any warrant to arrest these non-conformists because they have the law and the powers at their disposal.
 The same Ghana Police, maybe more powerful than those who arrested the pastors and the lovers who are languishing in jail were officially involved, but again they came and rather shepherded the meeting and protected the miscreants.
What happened at Akuapem Akropong in the Eastern Region of Ghana some few days ago,
without interrogating any merits of the chieftaincy issues in the Akropong Traditional area, it is of interest to mirror or zoom into the trajectory of selectivity and disregard to the rule of law.

The questions to this statement is simple, pastors were arrested in their Church room and did not allow the church service to end so why did we allow the king makers to end the illegal program and exposed the general public to the covid 19 pandemic?

 Who ordered the arrest, what was their evidence that something of this sort happened, were        the police not aware?

Was the e police evidence based on some videos that we have all seen and if so, were state security deployed to protect such lawlessness and who deployed them?

Did those who ordered the dramatic arrest of the chiefs  see what we all saw? If nothing at all we saw huge police and military presence in that same video, this time not for arrest purposes but to protect the unlawful conduct being perpetuated by the Akropong Kingmakers and Kinsmen.

Why were the officers not hauled before the court as well? Were they not aiding and abetting? Who sanctioned the role they played that day? Was the Regional Police Commander aware of the exercise from beginning?

Is it also true that the people knew there was going to be problems regarding the program but were promised by authority that the highest  disrespect of the president directives of ban on public gathering would only be a fine which money shouldn’t be a problem as we witness same thereafter in the court?
Was there any representation of government appointees seen in the video? If there was or there were, why were they not hauled before the law court? 

Finally, no one is  above the laws of Ghana we are upon these, asking the CID Boss through IGP to quickly haul all the other personalities or organs that were part in the grand scheme of grossly disrespecting the orders of the president and the law in general. Failure to adhere to this call of equal rights and justice will render the credibility of the security apparatus and  the judicial system.

Azubila Salam Emmanuel
Executive secretary ADAM-GH.
CONTACT: 0544418072 / 0235865333.

Sources: Mensah Francis (Enfransmedia.com)

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