There is traditional cure for COVID-19, says Alaafin

The Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, has said there is customary medication fit for relieving COVID-19 pandemic. 

He talked in his royal residence while introducing to the general population, a book composed on the late Yoruba music sort of Apala, Ayinla Wahidi, prevalently called Ayinla Omowura. 

The book titled: 'Ayinla Omowura: Life and Times of an Apala Legend', was composed by coordinated reporter and previous extraordinary counselor on Media to two previous governors, Dr. Festus Adedayo. 

While suggesting the book for open perusing, as one that harped on the way of life, language and conventional music of the Yoruba, Oba Adeyemi required an arrival to what he called "the roots", to have the option to form out indigenous answer for issues. 

The ruler said that previously, Yoruba conventional medication treated all illnesses, running from smallpox to diabetes and feed fever, including that customary botanists were equipped for sending individuals on message by clairvoyance
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He pondered whether those forces had left the individuals. 

"There were no sicknesses or maladies under the outside of the earth that our progenitors were not equipped for recuperating. I realize that those forces are as yet powerful and are available in us today," Alaafin said. 

He refered to a local cultivator in Oyo, who passed on in the relatively recent past, saying that he had some expertise in conjuring out snake harms from the collections of the people in question. 

"The man would call out the toxin in the snake and invoke the snake answerable for the sting any place it was. The snake would be made to swallow its own venom," the ruler stated, focusing on that cutting edge medication didn't have that power. 

He, in any case, said that the customary medication professionals were careful about showing their capacities so as not to fall foul of administrative laws and bureaucratic bottlenecks engaged with broadcasting remedy for diseases on the planet today. 

Introducing the book to Oba Adeyemi, Dr. Adedayo said he composed it as a commitment to the tremendous writing on Yoruba history and culture. 

He said that the book was composed to make an impression on individuals at different frameworks of life on the should be aware of their activities and inactions, taking note of that Omowura would presumably have lived longer in the event that he thought about his cultural situation before taking part in a saloon battle that prompted his unfavorable passing.

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